Elcielo Restaurant

by Juan Manuel Barrientos


Elcielo Restaurant

In 2015, Elcielo Miami opened its doors, located in the Brickell sector in the heart of downtown and in the financial district of Miami, right on the banks of the river.

It offers modern signature cuisine, with the same creative and innovative style of chef Juan Manuel Barrientos, inspired by Colombian ancestral roots, but using avant-garde cooking techniques and neuroscience to surprise diners. It is also influenced by the cuisine of other Latin countries and uses local organic products grown in the state of Florida.


Chef & Owner

Juan Manuel Barrientos Valencia, known in the gastronomic world as ´Juanma´ and in social media as @juanmaelcielo, was born in Medellín on June 16, 1983. He is a chef, businessman, entrepreneur, lecturer and peace leader at the helm of more than ten restaurants and bars. He is the creator and founder of the Elcielo restaurant chain (Medellín, Bogotá, Miami and Washington DC), La Serenissima, Cuon and AO, Kai, Shibari, Aguafresca and Cerdología.. Juanma has captured the attention of his many followers both through his work and on social media.

Michelin Guide

We always dreamed and believed that a Colombian cuisine restaurant could shine with its own star!

Michelin Guide

Our restaurant ElCielo Washington won a Michelin Star from @michelinguide Thanks to all our family! This is just the beginning of seeing our flag shine with more stars.

Fundación Elcielo

La fundación Elcielo es una entidad sin ánimo de lucro creada el 14 de noviembre del 2010. Durante más de 12 años, Elcielo se ha comprometido con los recursos adecuados a brindar educación y generar desarrollo humano a las personas que se encuentran en situaciones de vulnerabilidad, problemas económicos o físicos de nuestra sociedad.

En la fundación Elcielo asumimos que cocinar la paz es generar una conciencia social y en la cocina es donde estamos dando una esperanza al país.

Restaurantes Hermanos

Agua Fresca | Kaime | La Serenissima | Cuon



Fine Dining

Wednesday through Friday
Shifts at 17:00 and 21:00

Noon, 16:00 pm and 20:00pm

Noon till 17:00pm